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This physical therapy clinic has really impressed me. Their physical therapists are very knowledgable and provide excellent services. After a few weeks of treatment, I have improved tremendously and feel so much better! I recommend them to everyone I know with the need of therapy.


This place is great they are so nice and professional. I came in to start therapy on my lower back from a terrible pain I’ve had for over a month now. The therapist quickly assured me that she’ll take great care of me and that she will get rid of this nasty pain, within a week of her course of treatment I feel 90 percent better. I highly recommend This place to anyone in pain.


Perfection achieved, Cena rehab Centers staff is very professionally and caring. If you need physical therapy in Miami. I would strongly recommend giving them a call.


Thank you CENA rehab. I had back spams and lower back pain, went in for a quick massage therapy… Now that’s history! I most say, other than my pain going away, I felt 10 years younger. Clean place and friendly staff. Will definitely go back.


I am fortunate to have found CENA Rehab. I am continuing my post-shoulder surgery rehabilitation treatment plan and these guys are truly amazing at what they do. As a weight lifter I am aware of the shock we put our bodies through and unfortunately I had a small set back. But now thanks to this place I can get back to what I love. Thank you guys. Much recommended!


I came to bring my mother for Physical Therapy on her right shoulder, the staff is amazing, they are so caring. The physical therapist Lina explained the entire process to us and her therapist lily and Alfredo were just great at recovering her shoulder. will highly recommend anyone looking for a physical therapist in Miami / Bird rd area to call them.


I’ve been attending Cena Rehab for 2 months now and my back progress has been immense! I’ve never gone into a clinic where the staff has been as professional and caring as them. As soon as you walk into the door the receptionist greets you with a huge smile that will definitely brighten up your day. My favorite therapist hands down is Liliana although everyone else will be as great as her. If you are in need of any kind of physical therapy or even acupuncture therapy Cena is the clinic to go to!


Went to Cena Rehab to seek attention for severe back pain due to a car accident.  The staff is so friendly and always went the extra mile to make us feel at home. Definitely feels great to know they have my best interest in mind.


Amazing facility to say the least. Staff are well trained and really cater to your needs. Thank you.


Was recommended by my doctor for physical therapy great place, staff and environment love it.


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