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occupational therapy miamiCENA Rehab is a premier practice providing patients with the highest quality occupational therapy care in Miami. The occupational therapists at our facility are among the top in the industry, boasting both extensive clinical knowledge and experience, thus being in a position to provide patients with exceptional treatment. In our facility, under the care of the experienced physical therapists, we promise to give you the greatest treatment for your pains and we will work hard to restore your functionalities to normalcy in the most appropriate manner.

Groundbreaking facilities and technology

Being one of the leading occupational therapy Miami centers, our facility and technologies are literally state of the art. The cutting edge equipment we use makes us second to none in Miami and this gives us the power and versatility to offer patients with the most advanced care in all aspects of occupational therapy. This is the place to be if you desire your occupational therapy needs to be met with utmost professionalism supported by state of the art facilities.

Unique Experience for every patient

pediatric occupational therapy miamiWith our occupational therapy Miami practice, we aim to offer a unique experience to each and every patient that pays us a visit. It is well known to us that there are no two patients who will ever have the same problem and because of this, we are keen on developing customized solutions. We use tailored approaches to meet the exact needs of each client.

We love to help children

Most of our pediatric occupational therapy Miami patients are children in need of gaining independence and developing the skills they need to function and socialize normally when at home. We provide evaluations and therapies to help such children and our pediatric therapists know how to use purposeful activities and sometimes play with the children to enable them maximum independence. We promote development in those who have physical injuries, development disabilities, and psychosocial dysfunctions.

For children, our occupational therapists Miami will asses and work on:

  • Visual motor and fine motor skills
  • Positioning and splinting
  • Upper extremity strength
  • Upper extremity motion
  • Oral and feeding motor skills
  • Sensory integration and processing skills
  • Other age appropriate development skills

Our occupational therapy staff has the necessary training and expertise in Sensory Processing, motor control as well as the DIR treatment models which allows us to comprehensively look at the ‘big picture’ in identifying challenges that affects various functions in all the domains. Since we want the children to focus on the ‘big picture’ as well, we also use relevant approaches that will focus on the details which will enable them see the big picture as well.

All the departments in our occupational therapy Miami facility have the expertise to use the DIR model in designing and implementing the unique treatment plans for each patient. We also discuss and address the various goals of occupational therapy Miami by using appropriate models which emphasizes on parent coaching for the sake of children and proper relationship building among the adult patients.

Contact us today for the best occupational therapy Miami services and facility. We desire that you or your child get back to normalcy and we are ready work together with you and give you all the help you need.



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