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Car Accident Clinic & Physiotherapy Miami

car accident clinic miami

If you have suffered injuries due to an auto accident you may have permanent injuries although in most cases pain will not surface till days, weeks, even months after an accident it is imperative to see a qualified Medical Doctor to have a proper evaluation of your injuries.

Suffering a car accident is one of the most stressful and scary moments of your life. You will encounter instant shock and adrenaline, due to these emotions the body gives pain very little priority. It is very common to feel no pain the first day due to these factors, but pain will show its ugly face soon enough. While in the accident your body had an instant reaction, either tension, lock, whiplash, tear a ligament or muscle, your body will put this secondary to your adrenaline, but after any car accident your body needs to properly heal with physical therapy, athletic training along with therapeutic massages. Car Accidents can be a huge stress factor while loosing time off work, not having a car, and not knowing who to call to help. With so many numbers and so many fly by night “car accident clinic” we at CENA Rehab Center want to assure you top quality and service in regards to any injuries you might be facing.

We have been serving the community since 1997, we are a true outpatient Rehab center certified with Medicare with honored standings since 1997 and a A1 rating with ACHA of Florida. Even though we focus only rehabilitation for our patients we do understand that our patients sometimes need legal advice,so we work with Personal attorneys that can help answer any questions you may have. After any car accident call a doctor first! Your health is primary to any financial gimmicks some companies advertise with the “$10,000” in benefits to reel you in. In Florida you do have only 14 days to see a medical professional after any car accident in Miami and Florida.


Our Medical Professionals Include:

  • A Board Certified Neurosurgeon
  • A Board Certified Emergency Physician
  • An Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
  • Physiotherapists (Miami Physiotherapy)


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