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Rehabilitation and the Road to Recovery with Stroke Therapy

September 6, 2017 by RocketMAD

For many individuals, a stroke therapy program in Miami is just a part of their long road to recovery during the rehabilitation process.  Most programs of this nature involve teams of healthcare professionals who assist you in regaining those skills that you lost when you suffered your stroke.  Rehabilitation can assist you in:

  • Being as independent and doing the best as you possibly can
  • Learning to live with the stroke-associated changes to your body and your brain
  • Returning and adjusting to life in your community and home as well as with your family members and friends

Your rehabilitation will begin while you are still hospitalized and treatment will continue at home or rehab centers after you’ve been released.  In some cases, stroke therapy programs in Miami could last up to 3 hours per day and as many as 5 or 6 days per week. The doctors or physical therapists would be the best people to inform you about the frequency of the therapy.

Another key facet of stroke therapy is prevention or in other words, preventing another stroke in the future.  It’s possible that you will need to make some key changes in your lifestyle and take certain medications as well.  Your rehab team (see below) will work with you to determine what type of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that will best address your individual needs.

About Your Stroke Therapy Team

In reality, you, your family members, and loved ones as well as your caregivers are your rehab team’s most important members.  A stroke therapy comprised of your caregivers and health professionals will be there during your recovery and rehabilitation.  Your team will most likely consist of nurses and physicians who specialize in stroke recovery and rehab.  However, it will also include a number of therapists including:

  • A counselor or psychologist – helps you to cope with the many emotions you may be feeling while recovering from your stroke
  • A physical therapist– works on balance, coordination, and movement issues or problems
  • A recreational therapist – helps you return the recreational activities that you were enjoying prior to having your stroke
  • A speech therapy expert (language pathologist) – helps you to re-learn your language skills and speech as well as problems swallowing
  • An occupational therapy specialist in Miami– helps you to practice certain daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, writing, and so on
  • Other healthcare professionals – examples might include a dietician or a vocational counselor

In addition to these professionals, a case manager or social worker will assist you and the caregivers that have been assigned to you in arranging for the equipment and help that you might need while you are recovering at home.  The bulk of your recovery may occur within the first 30 days or it may occur within a few months.  However, you could continue recovering for several years.  The key is to stay positive and don’t give up.

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