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8 Questions to ask when selecting a Child’s Occupational Therapist

August 22, 2017 by RocketMAD

If your child was recently diagnosed with SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder or if you suspect this may be the case with your child, you should probably consider taking them to a pediatric occupational therapy specialist in Miami or occupational therapist.  This also applies to adults who may need a sensory evaluation or treatment as well.  Depending on your child’s diagnosis, it may be necessary to place them in a speech therapy and/or physical therapy program as well.

What is SPD?

According to WebMD, the “condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses” is known as sensory processing disorder. “. . . . Some people with SPD are oversensitive to things in their environment.  Common sounds may be painful or overwhelming.”

Choosing an Occupational Therapist

Finding the right occupational therapist for your child can be a challenge as there are many occupational therapy centers in Miami area.  So you’ll want to make a well-informed decision.  You’ll want to select a pediatric occupational therapy program in Miami that is the right fit for you and your child.  Since there are specific treatment methods that they should follow in order to help your child, you should ask these 8 questions:

  • Before starting treatment, do you provide a diagnostic evaluation in written form?
  • Do you provide a sensory-rich environment and offer a direct one to one treatment?
  • In order to improve dressing and eating habits, playing with other children, interacting in social situations, self-esteem, and self-regulation, will purposeful sensory stimulation be used during the child’s session?
  • Is parent education an integral part of your program? (Not just 5 minutes at the end of the session to inform you of your child’s progress).
  • Is play and success utilized in order to nurture my child’s self-esteem and produce positive changes during the program?
  • Prior to the start of treatment, do you provide the occupational therapy program’s treatment goals?
  • What is the frequency of my child’s treatment in your pediatric occupational therapy program in Miami? (Intensive treatment no less than twice per week is the norm.)
  • Will we be informed if there are going to be any post-treatment testing changes so everyone is aware of the child’s progress?

In addition to the above questions, you should make the following evaluations of each therapist that you speak with when comparing programs:

  • Does the person ask questions? This tells you that they’re interested in your child and that they want to learn everything they can about you, your child, and your family.
  • Does it appear that the person listens to you and truly believes that their occupational therapy or pediatric occupational therapy program will work for your son or daughter?

If all of the above hold true, then the professionals you are talking to and their programs are probably good candidates for helping your child.  All you need to do is choose one that you and your child are comfortable with.

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