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5 Signs that indicate the Need to see a Physical Therapist

August 16, 2017 by RocketMAD

Most seniors don’t realize that you can benefit from a Miami physiotherapy program whenever you are dealing with the normal wear and tear on your body as you’ve grown older.  It’s not solely relegated to recovery periods and rehabilitating from serious injuries.  Basically, a physical therapist program in Miami will also help solve certain chronic issues as well associated with the aging process.

However, if you’ve been experiencing any of the signs or symptoms listed below, you might want to consider visiting your family physician for evaluation and to determine if a physical therapy program is right for you.  Consider the following:

Ineffective pain medications – while it’s a common practice among many family physicians to prescribe these medications for an individual’s pain and discomfort, it’s not always effective.  If that pain continues after taking the prescribed pain medication, it may be time to see your physician about getting referred to a Miami physical therapy program and start treatment.

Injury and trauma – Physiotherapy programs are oftentimes recommended for those individuals who’ve sustained sudden traumatic injuries in an accident.  Broken bones (fractures) and muscle tears are a couple of the more common injuries that are treated in a physical therapy program in Miami.  Any type of sudden trauma demands your immediate attention.  Otherwise, the condition could worsen down the road and cause considerably more grief for you.

Lingering pain – after an intense workout, you’re bound to experience some pain.  You can usually resolve this by resting your body.  However, if that pain is lingering even after you’ve applied ice to it and gotten some rest, it may be time to consider a Miami physical therapy program.  Speak with your physician first and see if this is what they recommend given your current circumstances.

Noticeable changes – no one knows their body better than the person themselves.  So if you’ve noticed any significant changes in your body that should be enough to warrant calling your family physician for an appointment.  You may be able to benefit from a physical therapist treatment program in Miami if you’ve experienced localized pain and sudden discomfort.

Sharp pain – you can normally treat dull pain by applying an ice pack and getting some rest.  However, when that pain is sharp and centralized, this could be an indication of a more serious issue such as a muscle strain or stress fracture.  Chances are, if you don’t address this type of issue, it’s not going to improve and the pain won’t diminish without making an appointment for physical therapist treatments in Miami. Oftentimes, this will help you manage pain better.

Most individuals today fail to realize the benefits involved with a Miami physical therapy program and neglect enrolling in one until they actually need one.  You should take the time to discuss this with your family physician and see what they recommend for you.

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